Jan 22, 2018

How-To: Packing a Carry-On Makeup Bag for 3 Weeks in Cambodia and Thailand

Angkor Thom.  Taken by me 4 years ago
Everytime I pack my backpack for a trip, I become a bit of a hippie.

All of  sudden I start looking for my longest necklaces (that jingle), my many layered bracelets and all my fringe outfits.  Honestly, there is something so freeing to replacing my coporate suit jackets with aztec-print rompers and long, flowy maxi dresses.  I love it!

As I mentioned in my last How-To Packing a Carry-On Bag post, I needed a separate post to discuss my jewellry and makeup because these are always the hardest little bags for me to pack.  As you all know, I adore makeup so much that limiting myself to one cosmetic bag used to be TORTURE.  Most of the time, I can barely close my cosmetic bags but this time, I vowed to only use ONE bag for makeup/hair products and another little one for jewellry.

This is it, my friends.  The "Beach Please" bag is my makeup and hair items.  The little black Sephora is my jewellry.

My jewellry bag consists of 3 long necklaces, 6 pairs of earrings, 5 bracelets and 2 headbands.  I should also mention that Cambodia and Thailand are a great place to buy gemstones so I have lot a ton of room to shop!

On to the fun stuff - my makeup!  As you saw in my December Wrap-Up post, the Bon Voyage palette is full of shadows, blush, bronzer and highlighter making this the only palette I am bringing with me.  I also have my benefit powder, my MAC powder, MAC concealer, and all my brishes.

Also included in this bag are 4 lipsticks (two different nude shades, one berry and one red), my Dr. Pepper lipsmackers that I NEVER leave home without, two different mascaras, two different brow pencils (one is a pommade), two eyeliners (one black and one grey), my silicone sponge, my powder sponge, a Tarte highlighter (because I love the gold color), a pixi bronzer, an eyebrow brush and a coral blush.

Lastly, I have my toothbrush, bobbie pins, elastic bands, two small toothpastes, razor and two hair clips.  Pefect when styling my hair or for the beach.

NOTE:  I'm bringing a curling iron.  I made the decision to leave my hair wavy for the trip thus only needing one hot tool.  I also never use a blowdrier so this was easy to leave at home.

Things I Did Not Show

There are certain items you can't find overseas making them necessary to pack.  Here is my ever-growing list:
  • Tampons and a Diva Cup: Always be prepared - These items are virtually impossible to find in Cambodia and Thailand
  • Wet Wipes: Always have a pack with you - I carry them in my purse at all times.  They are also perfect for a quick wipe down during your layover
  • Your Favorite Deodrant:  This is a must - it's hot there and their products can be quite harsh for sensitive skin (mainly due to the perfume additives)
  • Small Monetary Bills:  People forget this, especially when the bank is handing you a wad of cash.  Order some local currency (from your bank) in advance and ask for small bills.  Tuk-Tuk drivers and street food merchants will not have change for you!

Coming up in another post - my carry-on liquid bag and my plane outfit.  Stay tuned!

Jan 17, 2018

How-To: MakeupDrop Silicone Beauty Applicator

I am probably the only person in the entire world that dislikes the Beauty Blender.

There, I said it. Whew, I feel like a huge load has been lifted from my shoulders!  I just never jumped on the band wagon, at all.  Don't get me wrong, I tried them many times but felt that my makeup looked too thick, or the coverage was too heavy in some parts and light in others.  Plus, I hated the feeling of applying my foundation using a wet sponge.  Nope, just not for me.

However, I'm in love with the beauty blender's silicone sister.

I received two of these silicone blenders from different subscription boxes and have been using one ever since.  The brand is MakeupDrop and it has created a fantastic silicone makeup sponge that - here's the kicker - eliminates wasted makeup.  It's not porous thus does not soak up any product and is a dream to clean.

I will say that it took me a little while to figure out the best way to apply my makeup.  Once the routine was figured out, though, my skin looks so much more flawless after I use it.  To save you all the headache, check out this video MakeupDrop made to show how to use these new applicators.

What do you think Glossers?  Anyone else tossed their old Beauty Blender in favor of the Silicone Sister?

Jan 15, 2018

SPOILER ALERT: January Subscription Box Spoilers

One of my favorite things to do after the first of the month, is search instagram and facebook to spoilers for my favorite beauty boxes.  I adore seeing the items I'll be getting in my boxes - especially if they contain palettes!! 

Here are the known spoilers for the Beauty Subscription Boxes I subscribe to:


Variation #1

  • IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil - Value $24 USD (in all boxes)
  • Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More Luminizer Primer - Value $38 USD (in all boxes)
  • Crown Glam Metals Palette - Value $25 USD (in all boxes)
  • PUR Bronze and Brighten Face Palette (possible item though all boxes will contain a face palette)
  • Girlactik Lippie (possible item)

Variation #2

  • IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil - Value $24 USD (in all boxes)
  • Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More Luminizer Primer - Value $38 USD (in all boxes)
  • Crown Glam Metals Palette - Value $25 USD (in all boxes)
  • PUR Bronze and Brighten Face Palette (possible item though all boxes will contain a face palette)
  • Grande Lip Hydrating Lip Plumper - Value $27 USD (possible item)


And the other two items have been revealed...

  • Lumene Lahde Purity Dew Drops (in all boxes)
  • Dr. Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil (in all boxes)
  • Buxom Big Tease Plumping Mascara (in all boxes)
  • Theorie Marula Oil (in all boxes)
  • Steve Laurent Beauty Lip Tint in Dusty Rose (in all boxes)


  • ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud - Travel size
  • ModelCo 3D Lash Primer - Full size
  • Monuspa Warming Ginger Body Oil - Travel size
  • Erno Laszlo White Marble Essence Lotion - Travel size
  • Balance Me Congested Skin Serum - Travel size
  • Korres White Tea Facial Fluid Gel Cleanser - Travel size

Lola Beauty Box 

  • Kokie Cosmetics Powder Contour Palette - Value $15 USD
  • Feel Beauty Brilliant Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Mask (4) - Value $38 USD
  • LASplash Cosmetics Karina Mascara Cat Walk - Value $18 USD
  • RMS Beauty Nail Polish - Value $15 USD
  • Doucce Click Click Lipstick - Value $24 USD
Well, I am rather underwhelmed this month.  There are a ton of skincare items and some very small sizes.

What are your thoughts of the spoilers for this month?
**Thank you to mysubscriptionaddicition for some of the photos**

Jan 12, 2018

DIY Beauty Fridays: 8 Beauty Tips for Exterminating Zits

It seems that the older I get, the more I breakout. 

I don't get it - I thought that the older you get, the nicer your skin would be.  It appears to have gone in the opposite direction for me. 

I stumbled on this COOL pop-up art on Pinterest for exterminating zits and knew I had to share it with you all.  ENJOY.

Picture found on Pinterest.  Website link is https://thesecretyumiverse.wonderhowto.com/
What are your favorite DIY pimple remedies?  Anything I should be trying?

Happy Friday Glossers.

Jan 11, 2018

How-To: Packing a Carry-On Backpack for 3 Weeks in Cambodia and Thailand

It's official - I have finally become an amazing packer.  It's taken me years, and a TON of overweight baggage charges, to perfect but I feel as though I'm a professional.

Every trip I take, I've been trying to pair down my items/necessities.  My most frequent trip, Mexico in October for one week, I packed only one little carry-on which included a ton of dresses, rompers and even a pair of heels.  The challenge this time was the amount of time I'm gone for - 3 WEEKS.

I should begin by saying that I prefer dresses and rompers to shorts.  I prefer short dresses and short rompers to long dresses.  Given this, I also wanted to ensure I had enough mix and match items to make outfits for the daytime and enough "going out" outfits for the evenings.  I find that I change my clothes rather often, as I get warm, so the outfits I wear during the day are not typically what I wear in the evenings.

Here's an itemized list of what I'm bringing to Cambodia and Thailand:

Packing Cube #1 - Rompers, Bathing Suits and Bathing Suit Covers
4 x bathing suits and one extra black bathing suit top
2 x bathing suit covers
5 x rompers

Packing Cube #2 - Dresses and Underwear
3 x bandeau bras
Undies not shown!!
6 x dresses (two are maxi dresses)
1 x belt

Packing Cube #3 - Shorts, Tanks, Skirts and Leggings
2 x shorts
1 x pull-on skirt
5 x tank tops
1 x black leggings

Extras - Not In a Packing Cube
1 x day purse
1 x beach bag
2 x sandals (one pair of flip flops)
1 x wireless speaker (no beach day is complete without music)
1 x makeup bag (Beach Please!)
1 x jewellry bag

Yes, I used packing cubes and actually found these on Amazon.ca for next to nothing.  I like the organization when using cubes - everything has a specific space and you can pull out one cube at a time instead of disrupting the entire bag when pulling out an item.

Now, on to the backpack.  After doing extensive research I found this carry-on backpack from eBags.com.  I selected this one specifically for its numerous compartments, space and the various secret pouches.  After backpacking for a few months in Southeast Asia before, you realize what comes in handy and what doesn't.  Plus, the price - the price is phenomenal for this bag.  The one I selected is called eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible.  You can check it out here

NOTE:  As you can tell, I have not discussed my Makeup/Hair Products bag, carry-on liquid bag, carry-on purse or my jewellry bag.  I will be doing this in a later post.  I will also do a later post on my travel outfit!!

Happy Thursday Glossers!

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